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BM International Contest - The Fool - 01-09-2013


[Immagine: BM_copertinacontest-800.jpg]

Hello! Thanks to Tiz, patron and author of the project, we are happy to host the first international contest on Blood Memories. You are asked to send us an essay between 4000 and 6000 words (NO FAN FICTION) or a fan art based on Robin Hobb's books, and specifically on one of these topics:

  • Skill/Wit/Charms
  • Childhood: Fitz and Beloved
  • Rulers and Lands
  • White Prophets and Catalysts
  • Masks and Puppets
  • Liveships and Traders

The best essay or fan art will be rewarded with a €80 Amazon Gift Card.

Here are the rules. You can submit your work at info[at]bloodmemories[dot]it within November 8th, 2013. Your email must have the header "BM CONTEST" and contain the indication of the outline you chose to develop. All entered works must be original and should not have been submitted elsewhere; multiple entries from the same person or email address will be disqualified. The winner will be selected by a panel of three judges (Tiz, The Fool and Tintaglia), who will grade every paper or art between 1 and 10 and account for their decision. Essays and arts will be published on (of course, we will give the right credits to each competitor).

Please, feel free to contact us for any doubts or questions.

Good luck to all the participants!

RE: BM International Contest - The Fool - 06-09-2013


[Immagine: BM_copertinacontest-800.jpg]

Bonjour! Grâce à Tiz, sponsor et auteur du projet, nous sommes heureux d'héberger le premier concours international sur Blood Memories. Il vous est demandé de nous envoyer un essai entre 4000 et 6000 mots (PAS DE FAN FICTION) ou un fan art basé sur les livres de Robin Hobb, et spécifiquement sur un de ces thèmes:

  • L'Art / Le Vif / Les Charmes
  • Enfance : Fitz et Bien-Aimé
  • Terres et Souverains
  • Prophètes Blancs et Catalyseurs
  • Masques et Marionnettes
  • Vivenefs et Marchands ( "Liveships & Traders", en référence au nom original des Aventuriers de la mer)

Le meilleur essai ou fan art sera récompensé d'une carte cadeau Amazon d'une valeur de 80€.

Voici les règles: vous pouvez soumettre votre travail à info[at]bloodmemories[point]it d'ici le 8 Novembre 2013. Votre email doit avoir pour objet "BM CONTEST" et contenir les informations de l'idée que vous choisissez de développer. Toutes les entrées doivent être originales (créées pour le concours) et ne pas avoir été soumises ailleurs. Les entrées multiples par une même personne ou un même email seront disqualifiées. Le gagnant sera choisi par un panel de trois juge (Tiz, The Fool et Tintaglia), qui noteront chaque essai ou fan art entre 1 et 10 et motiverons leur décision. Les essais et fan arts seront publiés sur (bien sûr, nous créditerons chaque compétiteur).

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute question ou en cas de doute.

Bonne chance à tous les participants!


Merci beaucoup à Adeleddr pour la traduction!

RE: BM International Contest - The Fool - 24-10-2013

Hello! Ciao We have extended the deadline by a further week, to Nov 8. There are 15 days left to submit your works, you have still time!

RE: BM International Contest - The Fool - 09-11-2013

Well, time is up! Smile Thanks to all the participants, we have received wonderful entries!
Next week we will show you all of them and announce the winner of the contest. Inchin

Thanks for your talent. And stay tuned!

RE: BM International Contest - The Fool - 17-11-2013

Dear competitors, thanks for your talent and for your patience, too!

We had to delay the publication of your fanart because, with this contest, we took the occasion to create an entire new section of the website, where we will collect artworks, essays, book covers, maps and videos.

So, here's our gallery:

We have received eight artworks and one essay (in Italian, so many of you won't be able to read it). As you can see on the top of the page, there's a white icon for the “Fan Art ”category: well, it will be replaced with a thumbnail of the artwork with the highest score. :-)

We will announce the winner tomorrow, so... stay tuned!

In the meantime, every work will be recommended on Twitter and published on Tumblr and here, on the message board. We would like to create a Facebook Album, too; please, if you disagree and don't want to see your fanart on facebook for some reason, let us know in 12 hours.

Thanks again from all of us! Inchin

RE: BM International Contest - Tiz - 17-11-2013


This is sooo perfect *-*

RE: BM International Contest - Garetha - 17-11-2013

Wow, stiff competition! XD So many of these are GORGEOUS! Love

RE: BM International Contest - The Fool - 17-11-2013

(17-11-2013, 19:27)Garetha Ha scritto:  Wow, stiff competition! XD So many of these are GORGEOUS! Love

Really! So hard to take a decision!!

RE: BM International Contest - The Fool - 18-11-2013

And here we go! Yeee
Only at the end, we'll see who comes in first, second, and third position but in the meantime...

[Immagine: Pillow-Talk.jpg]
Pillow Talk by Myrthe van Niekerk - Final vote: ~6.30

What the judges say... [leggi]

[Immagine: Nighteyes.jpg]
Nighteyes by Alicja F. - Final vote: 8.25

What the judges say... [leggi]

[Immagine: Fitz-Fool.JPG]
The Fitz and the Fool by Georgia Gloaming Belletti - Final vote: ~5.90

What the judges say... [leggi]

[Immagine: Wit-bond.png]
Wit Bond by Sophie Valentin (SophieAlteaki) - Final vote: ~8.55

What the judges say... [leggi]

[Immagine: TheFoolsFate.jpg]
The Fool's Fate by Adele DDR - Final vote: ~8.20

What the judges say... [leggi]

[Immagine: Firlefitz.jpg]
Firlefitz by Der Narr - Final vote: ~6.90

What the judges say... [leggi]

RE: BM International Contest - The Fool - 18-11-2013

Are you ready? Well, let's go!! Clap Clap

3rd PLACE - Mercanti e Navi Viventi by Iku
Final vote: ~8.70

What the judges say... [leggi]

[Immagine: colorful-old-days.jpg]
2nd PLACE - Colorful old days by Andromeda Aries
Final vote: 9.50

What the judges say... [leggi]

[Immagine: Childhood-s-End.png]
1st PLACE - Childhood's End by Laurelle Hafen
Final vote: ~9.52

What the judges say... [leggi]