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Can I make this work? - Robin Hobb - 18-07-2010

Hello! And apologies for this all-English post.

I was very glad to hear from Umbra (Marco)that the Treasure Beach had been created. I had attempted to post here before, but quickly got lost in my attempts.

I wanted to thank all of you who made me feel so welcome in Italy. In town after town, I met members of Bloodmemories. I received far too many gifts to mention them all here, except to say that I have enjoyed every one of them (and that my family truly enjoyed the pasta and olive spread, too!) Whenever I pick up my shopping bag, necklace or one of the other items I received, I think of Italy all over again. Thank you all so much!

I did return to find that we had had a small house fire in my absence. Luckily, it only destroyed a television set and did smoke and soot damage. All my books were safe, and there was no structural damage to the house. So I remain very thankful that it was such a small disaster with no one injured.

I continue to work on the next Rain Wild book. Soon I shall have to think of a title for it.

For anyone who is interested, I post almost daily at

That is my newsgroup on

I also have two Livejournals, one for Robin-hobb (don't forget the dash!) and one for MeganLindholm (no space between the names.) And of course there is and There is also a Robin HObb myspace! So, there are lots of places to keep in touch with me, but I will try to drop in here from time to time, to let you know what I am doing.

Once more, thank you so much for so many things!


RE: Can I make this work? - Coligne - 18-07-2010

Have you ever seen the first five seconds of "Spaceballs"?
(In a galaxy far far far far far far far far far far far far away...)
Now that become:
You are very very very very very very ... [CUT] ... very very very very very very very welcome, Robin!Linguaccia

OK, Coligne, it's time to be serious...
*my evil alter-ego have to tell a thing*
Serious?! You? Serious! Don't make me laughing...
*i retake control of myself*
( LoL )

Well, i repeat, you are very welcome here, Robin!Occhiolino
And, i think i can speak also for the rest of the "crew", we are honoured to have you on board. (obviously, wich other ship -virtual, sure, but always a ship- can boast of having on board Robin Hobb?Linguaccia )YeeeYeee
For many of us this (you, here) is a dream come true, and i'm one of these.

I don't know if i'm able to explain what that all means for us, and not even gonna try; i let to do at who is better with the words than me...

Finally, i would have much other thing to say, but it's 4:42 am (in Italy, of course), and is better that i will go to sleep...Linguaccia

PS: It's possible that out is 28° C (82.4° F)? At 4 am!UrghRollRoll

RE: Can I make this work? - Umbra - 18-07-2010

Dear Robin, I'm so glad for your post! Welcome!

I've no words for you, now - I'm sorry: since our lunch in Rome I live in a dream. I hope you'll enjoy spending time on board with us; for any problem, please send a PM to me or to 'Wintrow', 'The Fool' or 'Occhi-di-notte'.

A very big hug, be in touch!


RE: Can I make this work? - Iku - 18-07-2010

There aren't many things to say after Coligne's post...Smile
I just want you to know that I was doubly pleased to met you at ParmaFantasy, because you are an enchanting woman, more than a brilliant writer, and spend that time with you (even a little) was really a pleasure.
It is always a great emotion to know your favourite writer, but I'm very, very happy to know such a beautiful person as you are.
Thank you very much.

RE: Can I make this work? - Caillean - 18-07-2010


After your post, Miss Robin, my english is tragicly death, so...I hope you'll accept this simply

Welcome on board!! YeeeYeee

Thanks for your story, your writing style, wich bring us in wonderfull worlds!

And firstly, Thanks for your sweet kindness! Smile


RE: Can I make this work? - Assassin - 18-07-2010

Oh, I can't believe I'm reading your words here, on our ship!!!

Yeee WeeDX Yeee WELCOME ROBIN!!! WeeDX Yeee WeeDX

I'm so glad to read your words here... It's like passing from a dream to another, I'm so HAPPY!!! Sing

So, best best wishes from Florence (my city told me she's missing you so so so much Occhiolino )hope to hear news from you soon here, on Blood Memories! And, I'll never be tired to tell you again THANX, really, for everything...

Best wishes,


RE: Can I make this work? - Wintrow - 18-07-2010

Hi Robin! Welcome on Blood Memories!

I'm Alessandro, one of the admins of Blood Memories, the guy who (in Rome) brought you by car at the bookstore. I'm so glad for your visit on our site! I really thank you for the beautiful words you spent for us during your tour in Italy. After our meeting I discovered that you aren't only a wonderful author: you're also a wonderful person!

So, I hope to read more posts written by you soon! Best wishes,


RE: Can I make this work? - drisinil - 19-07-2010

Just a simple WELCOME from me too !

Thanks for your wonderful story and inexhaustible creativity.
And thanks for your being here, so close.

Best wishes and good work Smile

RE: Can I make this work? - Ambra - 19-07-2010

Welcome, Robin! Yeee
It's wonderful to have you here with us! Your Italian Tour was a dream for us, new emotions filled in this forum every day with tales of Bloodmemories's members that meet you. I was only in Parma, but it seems as I was in every place with my friends!
And now the dream continues. Thank you, Robin!


PS: I know my English is not good so I'm sorry for my errors, I hope my friends will correct them Unsure

RE: Can I make this work? - The Fool - 20-07-2010

Dear Robin (or Our Beloved Queen ^^),

it is a great honour and even a greater pleasure to have you on board. First the Italian book tour, then your registration at our website, now your message... well, you are really spoiling us! Smile Seriously, many thanks for being on Blood Memories: we know you are very busy and cannot dedicate too much time to us, but for this very reason your dropping in here will always be a precious gift.

Thanks again for everything and best wishes,

Barbara Smile