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Introductions - Farseer - 27-12-2010

Hello and well met to everyone on Blood Memories!

I was invited to come over here, so, here I am! As an Australian who can only speak English, I can't hardly read a thing on this terrific-looking site (and even had to use Google Translate to register Smile ), so please let me know if I do something I shouldn't. I will try and translate the forum rules as soon as I can (I am assuming there are some!) but I firstly just wanted to introduce myself.

I am looking forward to chatting with you about all things Hobb. Obsessive fan that I am, I have often come on here just to look through and try to guess what's going on, so it will be great to get to know some of you at last!

RE: Introductions - The Fool - 28-12-2010

Welcome on board! Ciao

I'm Barbara (Antebar on and I'm SO glad you accepted my invitation! And thanks for your kind words, too! Inchin Our virtual ship is maybe a little crazy, but we always have a lot of fun together. Contento

You did everything in the right manner, don't worry: this is our little forum section for foreign friends (especially for our beloved Robin Contento ) and here you can open discussions about any topic you like in your own language. We all love to talk over Hobb and Lindholm things, so I'll do my best to use a passable English! Unsure

If you like, you can also access our chat room by clicking on "Chat" in the upper grey bar (under our logo). And if it is empty, call for us through the tagboard Occhiolino So, welcome on board again! And because I love Australia, for me you're doubly welcome. Inchin

RE: Introductions - Caillean - 28-12-2010

Welcome, Farseer!



RE: Introductions - Coligne - 28-12-2010

Welcome in this Ship of mad people, Farseer!Linguaccia

Wow, now we have become truly international! Cool! Cool

RE: Introductions - Umbra - 28-12-2010

Welcome on board! Beer

I'm very happy you're here Clap Clap I can practise my poor english talking about Robin now!

My name is Marco and my nick is the italian version of Chade (Umbra). I'm 22 and I'm one of the mod of our beloved ship. Please, ask me whatever you need!



RE: Introductions - Wintrow - 28-12-2010

Welcome on board, Farseer! Beer

I'm Alessandro, one of the admin of this crazy ship! Yeah

RE: Introductions - Althea - 28-12-2010

Welcome, Farseer! Ciao Beer

RE: Introductions - Ambra - 28-12-2010

Welcome, Farseer, nice to meet you! Occhiolino

RE: Introductions - Assassin - 28-12-2010

Hello hello hello! Welcome!!! I'm so glad to see this amazing ship is becoming really international!!! Beer Nice to meet you!

RE: Introductions - Farseer - 28-12-2010

(28-12-2010, 01:06)The Fool Ha scritto:  I'm Barbara (Antebar on and I'm SO glad you accepted my invitation!

Thank you so much for the invitation, and thanks also for your helpful tips and link to the forum rules...much appreciated Smile !

Many thanks too, to all of you, for your kind and warm welcomes! One thing I have discovered about people who don't have English as their first language is that they tend to be far more talented with it than those of us who do have it as our native tongue...and I am sure you will all prove to be the same. In fact, from what I have seen already, I think your written skills are amazing and easily surpass my own Scrib !